Workaholics and overachievers are those most at risk…

Legs crossed in a relax position enjoying calming view.
Legs crossed in a relax position enjoying calming view.
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You’ve heard of burnout; ‘the state of being stressed and overwhelmed whilst meeting constant demands’, but have you ever considered the opposite? A state of focus and motivation so strong that it spills into your weekends and holidays? There have been studies into Paradise Syndrome for over twenty years and most of us will probably self diagnose ourselves by the end of this article. Why isn’t it spoken about more?

This year has caused us to reevaluate our goals and ambitions. It’s left us scrambling for inspiration and heavily reliant on our own mindset. We have been inundated with ‘multiple…

Life Lessons

The end of multiple eras at once can only mean one thing …

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With the end of P.S looming over us, it has caused me (and clearly many others) to reflect on the past and present goodbyes, as well as future goodbyes that await us.

The word “goodbye” has always deeply shaken me. Whenever and wherever I could, I’d avoid having to say it.

Growing up, I would go as far as excusing myself to the loo, to then secretly escape through the front door at birthday parties, just to avoid even the most casual of farewells.

Throughout my life, I was always the one leaving. I was always the random cousin who…

For me, freedom is owning your own time.

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Freedom — the most lusted-after, lifestyle concept of the 21st century. We dream of it in every area of our lives: financially (which we equate with living a Nomad life in Bali), in love (where we get to have our cake and eat it too), career-wise (time to actually do the things that we want to do) — but more often than not, for most, the sacrifices end up being too grand to make.

We’re often shackled to imaginary conventions of society. The ‘right age’, the ‘right circumstance’, being the ‘right kind of person’. …


You’re never too far from those looming eyes…

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We’ve all had it happen — either to us or someone we know; the person that we chased and yearned for hits us up with that text. We’ve all seen the endless memes about the beeping radar that exes seem to have when you finally have the audacity to move on — and how that sets us back or drives us further forward.

There are countless reasons why your phone may buzz with a message from that number you deleted but oh-so recognise, but the truth is, it’s probably one of the…

Cheap and easy methods that (somehow) worked for me…

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After ruining my hair as a teenager, there was just no way I could see it coming back. None of the popular fads were working for me and I wasn’t about to be fooled by the gummy-bear vitamin marketing campaigns of influencers.

There were many reasons my hair was dry and resembled a comfy old haystack for horses to perch but two stand out as the most to blame — bleach, and extensions. With the latter, it was a neverending loop, a catch 22, if you will, that I didn’t quite…


Would he save me or the Canon? Tune in to find out…

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Two years into my current relationship, I still frequently notice myself in awe of rather simple things that my partner does. Things that are worlds apart from that which I got used to with my ex.

There isn’t much point in comparing two very different people to each other, but there is great use in identifying the things that effortlessly revolutionize relationships.

Now, happy in love; the following are three things I can’t be grateful enough for.

1. He doesn’t use our anniversaries as work opportunities.

There is no easier way to show someone that they’re loved than by giving them your undivided attention — we all know this…


Here’s how million-dollar company Sand Cloud started out with no budget

Photo by lo lo on Unsplash

A successful spiel on ABC’s “Shark Tank” in early 2017 brought multi-millionnaire panelist Robert Herjavec on board with Sand Cloud with a $200,000 investment in exchange for 15% of the company. However, Brandon Leibel claims this was just the tip of the iceberg for his towel startup. The three years leading up to Shark Tank is what gained the company the initial attention it needed for its ultimate success.

How did three creative beach lovers go from struggling-to-survive to logging $20 million in sales over the past five years…

WFH means a new and improved take on the classic interview

Photo: Christina/Unsplash

There once was a classic structure to what an interview looked like, then along came Covid. With remote working becoming increasingly popular and looking increasingly likely to stay, it doesn’t come as a surprise that interview questions have been updated to suit the requirements of current job specs.

Now, we are conducting interviews over Zoom, having never met before, and employers are prioritizing different skills than in a pre-Covid world. …


Comparison is the thief of joy — President Theodore Roosevelt

Woman with black hair in white top standing at a platform in front of a train.
Woman with black hair in white top standing at a platform in front of a train.
Photo by Eutah Mizushima on Unsplash

A friend of mine continually sends me Linkedin updates of ghosts from our past. From people who we went to school with, to their younger sisters, ex-partners, mothers, cats — you name it. Upon my initial acknowledgment of their existence (after having forgotten about these people entirely), I am presented with my friend’s ignorant narration of their seemingly perfect lives and achievements.

In response to my recent piece, ‘What If There Is Nothing Wrong With You’, many readers thanked me for providing reassurance in a world that does much of the opposite. A little reassurance is something we all need…


Our constraints don’t disadvantage us, they help us.

Girl in pink swimming costume jumping into a lake. Mountains are behind her.
Girl in pink swimming costume jumping into a lake. Mountains are behind her.
Photo by Erik Dungan on Unsplash

Logistically speaking, we can all do everything. Rarely is something solely dependent or restricted to talent or capability alone. And even when it is, there is nothing preventing you from taking a few piano lessons to uncover that you are in fact the next Beethoven.

As we watch our friends succeed in their relevant fields, we have a tendency to think that perhaps we too could prosper in said endeavor. And by all means, we could — but it doesn’t mean that we should.

The number of things we can achieve is subject to time, resources, predisposition, and energy. Instead…

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